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Lamps from Coast Lamp Company.  These lamps have a great natural feel that can warm and illuminate a large variety of design schemes.  Are you looking for matching lamps? Enter coupon code lamps at checkout and recieve 10% off your order of 2 or more lamps.  Need assistance? Contact us at (970) 870-7976 or

Tall Fly Fishing Lamp
Price: $298.00
Tall Ski Lamp
Price: $358.00
Tall Snowshoe Lamp
Price: $249.00
Tall Tan Lamp
Price: $260.00
Tan Bear Lamp
Price: $190.00
Tan Fish Lamp
Price: $190.00
Tan Metal Bear Lamp
Price: $178.00
Tan Ski Lamp
Price: $238.00
Totem Bear Lamp
Price: $170.00
Totem Bear Lamp (Light)
Price: $170.00