How To Care For Your Wood Bear
Your wood bear
crack. The wood is green when the bears are carved and as the wood dries the 'checking' or  cracking will occur.
We strongly recommend placing placing plastic under the bear's base to protect your furniture and floor.

To help keep the cracking to a bear minimum please do the following:

Your bear needs to get 3 more coats of spray polyurethane.

You can find it at your local paint, hardware, or discount store. 

Spray the first coat when you receive this bear.

Spray the 2nd coat three weeks later and the

3rd coat three weeks after that.

This will trade out the water lost as it dries for the solids in polyurethane.

How To Keep Your Bear Clean
Materials Needed:
1) Can of non-wax furniture polish such as Endust, Pledge, or other comparable product.
2) Stiff Bristle Disposable Paint Brush.  The Stiffer the bristles, and the cheaper the better!

What to Do:
Lightly spray the end of the paintbrush with polish, dab the end of the bristles into tight spots and use longer strokes on the smoother, more exposed areas.  Spray the paintbrush as needed to thinly coat entire surface.  Paintbrush is re-usable, works great on our bronzes
, and wood carvings too!