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Glossary of Terms

Do I know enough about art to make this investment?  
You certainly do. All you need to know about art is what you like and where you want to hang it. 

Who controls the secondary market?  
It is a free market phenomenon driven by supply and demand, individual buyers and sellers. No publisher or gallery controls or drives it. The fact that there is a secondary market for Editions is a wonderful potential benefit of owning one, but should never drive your selection. Purchase art that speaks to you and enjoy it.

Will Limited Editions Increase in Value?
The value of a
limited edition print is unpredictable and based upon the public's demand for this image. Since it is a limited edition and only so many prints will be sold, when the print is sold out the value may increase if additional people desire to purchase it. Limited editions and all other art work should be purchased because you love it and want to enjoy it every day. If a print increases in value, then you have an added bonus.

What is the difference between a Fine Art Edition Print and a poster?
Posters are generally mass produced with commercial inks and papers and can be purchased anywhere for a range of prices. Fine Art Editions take months to produce with fade resistant inks on acid-free fine art stock or archival canvas. The artist collaborates in the process and his or her signature marks his or her approval of the image. Our fine art editions are rare and are sold only through authorized dealers like ourselves.

What is an Artist's Proof?
An Artist's Proof is a smaller edition of an image that also has a regular edition size. It is usually no more than 10 percent of the regular edition size. It will be consecutively numbered and be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

What is a Serigraph?
Serigraphy utilizes the silk-screen printing process. For each desired color, a stencil is created indicating where the color will be applied. Then the stencil is adhered to a silk or nylon mesh screen, and paint of that color is forced through the screen on to the paper. This process creates a luxurious, vibrant and often-textured image.

What is a Giclée?
Giclee is a French term meaning "spraying of ink." Printing directly from information obtained from the original painting, Iris printers spray microscopic drops of color on to a fine art paper or canvas. Displaying the full color spectrum, these artworks have vibrant colors and a velvety texture.

How Should I Care For My Wood Bear Carving?
Wood Bear Care...

Where Do I Register My Mark Hopkins Bronze?
You can register your new piece here...

How Should I Clean My Mark Hopkins Bronze?
Very carefully, see our recommendations...
Bronze Care

Where Are You Located?
We are in beautiful downtown Steamboat Springs, CO. Located in the  historic downtown shopping district inside the Franklin Mall at 833 Lincoln Ave. 
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