Chris OwenThe West and its revered icon, the American cowboy, live the past, the present, and the future in the contemporary paintings of outstanding artist Chris Owen. The artist’s paintings portray the spirit and essence of the cowboy lifestyle – from riding herd to working with horses to everyday chores. These dedicated, hard-working legends of the American West inspire Owen to portray a way of life that has endured and will live on in his paintings.

In 2006, a giclee of the Owen’s painting, “A Cowboy’s Morning,” won the very prestigious international Benny Award for the finest giclee of the year. In 2003, he was the official poster artist for the Coors Western Art Exhibit in Denver, where he also exhibits annually. In addition, Owen has won the “Museum Purchase” and “Limited Edition Print Artist” awards at the Cheyenne Frontier Days, Governor’s Invitational Art Show.

Owen studied fine art at Montana State University and was awarded a scholarship to study at the acclaimed Art Center college of Design in Los Angeles where he studied for two years.

Growing up in Montana and spending summers on his grandparents’ ranch inspired Owen’s love of the western way of life. His grandpa’s tales of having met C. M. Russell also added to the artist’s desire to express his love of the West through his work. With this background, Owen’s personal experience and research allow him to portray the romance of the West as few artists can. On his canvases, the artist bears the hopes, dreams, and passions, not only for himself, but for all who desire to live in the spirit of the American West.

Owen states, “The cowboy endures as the foremost American icon. He is the most compelling of characters and, due to his romantic lifestyle and unique personality, a natural subject of artistic interest. His ongoing endurance as the premier American cultural hero stands as testament to the spirit and values that have made the people of the West great.”

The artist lives and paints outside of Billings, Montana.

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