Martin GrelleMartin Grelle: Born and raised in the foothills surrounding his hometown of Clifton, Texas, he grew up with a deep desire to capture on canvas the beauty of his home. Inspired by the flavor of the small town and its people. He began to paint at an early age, and at eighteen sought professional criticism from noted Cowboy Artist James Boren.

Martin Grelle began painting at an early age. With the guidance of Western artists James Boren and Melvin Warren, both of whom settled in the Clifton area while he was in high school and was able to become a full-time artist in his early 20s. Since that time, he has studied, traveled widely, and sought subject matter throughout the American West. Working primarily in oils on canvas, he marries his figures with the landscape in a painterly style rich in vibrant color.

 His passion for the Old West is evident in the striking landscape he portrays.  Working in oil, Grelle wants viewers to feel a connection to his art that is warm and inviting.  His quiet subtlety and attention to detail have made him one of the finest and most recognized of western artists, renowned for his painting of the contemporary West.

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